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New partnership with MITO International Business Consulting

In the current retail scenario, it is increasingly difficult for brands to identify a strategy that manages to combine the corporate vision linked to values ​​and mission with a correct positioning in the market and with a retail operations structure capable of facing and solving those challenges linked to the new perspectives of customer centricity, omnichannel solutions, product cycle and service model.

Opportunities and challenges emerge daily, and they must be faced with foresight, open-mindedness, professionalism and specialisation.

For this reason, Mito International Business Consulting and I have decided to collaborate to exoloit the synergy between a long experience in designing and consulting in brand development and a precise competence in the management of commercial networks and plans of retail operations for brands.

A work that is carried out in parallel and aimed at making the result tangible in the very commercial moment; in fact, the integration of a customised strategic action plan upstream and an efficient executive practice downstream represents the key to success in implementing the development and consolidation plans that brands need to ensure the profitability and effectiveness of their business.

With MITO, we will immediately start working on projects of high added value and on a synergistic and coordinated proposal, in order to continue to offer to companies and partners a qualitative and personalised consultancy service.


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