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Virtual influencers and personification

When it comes to influencers, it is like opening a Pandora's box ... whether you love them, or you hate them, these are those people who, in recent years, have contributed most to the revolution of the paradigms of corporate communication, and it is certainly necessary, for a retail brand, to approach the topic with an open mind and dedicated strategies. If we then link the concept of influencer to the personification of a brand, and also add the aspect of digitalization and virtualisation, we get an interesting cocktail of challenges and reflections. Metaversi are increasingly proving to be effective and potentially unlimited resources to take advantage of the possibilities of communication that a company can have with customers; I consider it essential to analyze the physical and virtual positioning that a brand must have to reach its ideal audience, and I consider the use of specialized and expert personalities to be fundamental to enhance customer experience (whether physical or virtual) and operational efficiency in the management of retail resources. What do you think? Do metaversi and digitization really represent development and penetration opportunities for your brand, or do you think the market is not yet ready to face the complex challenges that these new technologies could bring? Read the reference article here: last-rivolazione-branding/


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